"When you arrive at the gate location please have your QR-code ticket ready on your mobile phone or printed with you. 

A gate coordinator will scan your ticket from your vehicle when you arrive at the main gate and show you your camp spot. All tickets can ONLY be bought online in advance,and not at arrival at gate!"

(You can not reserve camp spots or for others)


"There are many toilets -at camp- pleasee se the map of location, and only use them! Food store is a 8 min drive from camp, so bring as much you need before arrival. There is a Cafe/ restaurant and bar at Camp, so you will not go thirsti or hungry if you forgot something.There is showers at camp, but you can also use your own if you have.There is a lake/river for bath/swim & also Sauna."


"You must dispose all of your own garbage at camp, see Containers and bins on location. No fire pits are allowed. there will be a big fireplace at camp for everyone to enjoy. Loud music is not allowed, and all music must be turned Off after 00:00 midnight! You can be dismissed from the area by not following these rules. Due to safety reasons moving your vehicles after nightfall is not allowed."